Jung Woo Sung and Ryu Jun Yeol in real life

Jung Woo Sung and Ryu Jun Yeol in real life

Q. What color is the flower that Jung Woo Sung is holding?

1. Stop it, I don’t like Ryu Jun Yeol, but this isn’t good at all

2. Ryu Jun Yeol’s body proportions are really good, right?

3. Hul… Jung Woo Sung was holding the flowers…???? I’m just surprised by his face and proportions;;;;;

4. Is this a post mocking Ryu Jun Yeol? What is the OP’s intention?

5. I want to meet Jung Woo Sung just once ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

6. Wow, how tall is Jung Woo Sung?

7. Jung Woo Sung is so cool

8. NO… No matter who stands next to Jung Woo Sung, all you see is Jung Woo Sung. What are you comparing?

9. I know Ryu Jun Yeol also has good proportions, but Jung Woo Sung is crazy..

10. I don’t like Ryu Jun Yeol either but I don’t want to make fun of his looks

11. I couldn’t see anyone but Jung Woo Sung

12. Hul Jung Woo Sung, I can’t see the flowers

13. Jung Woo Sung is really handsome and his body proportions are so good

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