Jungkook & his fanbase illegal Spotify streams & iTunes sales activities – Alleged FRAUD

These are all based on  tweets provided by X users. DISCLAIMER.

As we approach the conclusion of the Seven and Golden album releases, the extent of fraudulent activities surrounding them has become unmistakably evident. Jungkook benefited from advantages unavailable to his fellow members, namely inflated streams and sales orchestrated by Scooter and Hybe.

Hybe inundated Spotify with an excessive number of Jungkook’s covers, providing an opportunity for farm bot streamers in Thailand to exploit fraudulent playlists without repercussions.

Furthermore, the introduction of combined versions on both Spotify and Apple Music was unprecedented, showcasing the depths to which Hybe went to manipulate Jungkook’s success. The aggressive promotion extended to Apple Music, including interviews and paid playlisting, further underlining the orchestrated nature of Jungkook’s achievements.

He had combined versions both on Spotify and Apple Music. The latter is truly unheard of. The depths in which Hybe went is unreal. Apple Music interview, paid playlisting, combined versions. He was heavily and aggressively promoted there as well. His fans keep bringing up him charting on Global not knowing how Apple Music charts work.

Additionally, Jungkook’s Chinese fanbase engaged in fraudulent activities, using VPNs to inflate streaming numbers in the USA and striking underhanded deals with Hybe to manipulate Hanteo sales charts.

Despite attempts to conceal these manipulations, the lack of organic growth in Jungkook’s album release remains undeniable. While Scooter may have delivered the fabricated records Hybe desired, Jungkook’s musical integrity suffered.

Despite claims of global chart success, Jungkook’s reliance on excessive paid promotion raises questions about the authenticity of his achievements, especially compared to his fellow members who achieved success organically.

See the premeditated and methodological plan purpetraded by his Chinese Fanbase below. It was an elaborate scheme worthy of proper investigation by Billboard.

In essence, Jungkook appears to have been propelled by external forces, casting doubt on his credibility as an artist. The lingering stench of fraudulence stains his reputation, akin to a permanent stain on his Calvin Klein underwear.

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