Jungkook left BTS ?

Couple days ago one member of BTS have his comeback . Every one were very excited , about that. Especially knowing that this album will have collab of two members of the group. And when company posted video on tik tok whit short clip of that collab I was so happy. J-hope dancing  and his amazing voice whit incredible Jungkook voice – just perfect. But after looking at the comments under that video i was shocked. All people who were saying that they love voice of jk were attacked. Comments section were filled whit bitter comments toward jk ,. And even one girl who claims that she is army made a whole tik tok attacking people who praised jk voice. I still don’t understand why comments like : I love X voice,. can trigger some people this much ?  I know  army’s love to remind for everyone how others groups fans and others idols treated BTS, but what makes them better now when army’s treats one of the members same way as others treated BTS. Maybe I have missed something and Jungkook have left the group,  maybe this is the reason of bitterness toward him under BigHit tik tok video , and under video made by @._lachim0lala?