Jungkook liked and commented on LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s ‘Dododok’ video

Jungkook found LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s ‘Dododok’ video

1. Is he really Jungkook???

2. Currently Jungkook is the busiest person on TikTok

3. This is really funny

4. I visited TikTok yesterday and this video got a lot of attention, the reactions are so good

5. For those who don’t know

6. I watched it because of Jungkook and I watched it five times in a row

7. It’s funny that Sakura danced beside her like nothing happened

8. Chaewon is cute and Sakura is so professional

9. These days Jungkook is the busiest on TikTok

10. Every time I see this, it’s funny, but it’s even more funny because of Sakura

11. Thanks to Jungkook, many people will recognize Kim Dododok’s cuteness

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