Jungkook really looks so young

[+382, -24]

1. [+334, -7] It’s been a long time since he debuted, but it’s true that he’s still so youngㅋㅋㅋ

2.[+315, -8] The fact that he’s still so young, he’s only 25 years old

3. [+276, -6] Is it his recent picture?? He looks like a kid

4. [+259, -3] He’s actually still so young, but it seems like he’s working so hard to maintain himself, he looks younger and younger

5. [+211, -6] An adult body with a baby face…

6. [+97, -1] It’s been 10 years since he debuted, he was born in 1997, he’s 25 years old, his face is still the same as when he was young, his body already looks like a man

7. [+95, -1] Yoongi said at Shuchita that his face now looks the same as when he was in middle school ^^

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