Jungkook ‘Seven’ just reached 200 million views, the fastest among Korean male idols’ solo MVs

100 million views after 10 days of release, 200 million views after 55 days

1. The music video is really interesting

2. Congratulations on Jungkook’s MV Seven reaching 200 million views

3. I also watched it at least 7 times. I’m looking forward to the next song

4. The music video is good and the song is good too

5. As expected, Jungkook is amazing

6. Wow it’s already 200 million? Daebak

7. I really like the song and the music video

8. It exceeded my expectations

9. The chemistry with Han So Hee is so good, and Jungkook’s acting is so cute

10. Wow, congrats to Jungkook!!!!

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