Jungkook shows his popularity by getting 5.5 million streams with fan song

K-Pop global Spotify chart today (+ BTS Jungkook’s debut ranking)

This is not BTS Jungkook’s comeback but a song for fans

1. Jungkook’s song is so good

2. Even though the fan song has no MV and no promotion, it has over 5.5 million streams. Jungkook is amazing

3. Jungkook has 4 songsㄷㄷ Jungkook, V, and Jimin are amazing

4. Wow, even when Jungkook was serving his military service, he received 5.5 million streams

5. Jungkook is really cool

6. Wow, Jungkook’s streams are crazy,,, 5.5 million without promotion!!

7. If the fan song reaches 5.5 million streams, I’m looking forward to the official song even more

8. Even without promotions, Jungkook is still Jungkook

9. Wow, it was a huge hit without any promotion

10. Congratulations to Jungkook

11. I like this song, but the genre is quite unique. It seems like he is trying out many different genres

12. The song is so good but it’s a shame there’s no MV

13. Jungkook is amazing, he’s so cool

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