Jungkook’s face has changed?

Doesn’t Jungkook’s face look different?

Looks like his chin changed from V-line to U-line. His face shape is different too

[+105, -352]

1. [+258, -16] ? ㅋㅋ Jeon Jungkook is famous for his round face, he has had a round face since he was born. Looking at the photo, he still looks the same now

2. [+210, -14] This was him on the same day

3. [+202, -16] He originally had a U-line chin

4. [+162, -1] He originally had a U-line chin. Some fans even said his chin is short, let alone V-line, why are you saying his chin has changed? Jungkook looks so handsome

5. [+123, -3] Jungkook today

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