Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ is the only K-pop song chosen as the Best Song of 2023 in the Official UK Chart

It was also chosen by Billboard as the Best Song of the Year

It was chosen as the best song of 2023 on the UK and US charts

1. Congratulations to Jungkookie!

2. Jungkook is amazing

3. Jungkook really wrote history in 2023!!! Foreign fans all shouted together “Legendary Year 2023 of THE JEON JUNGKOOK!!!!” I admit it ㅠㅠㅠㅠ!

4. Thanks to Jungkook, I was able to listen to a good song

5. I hope Jungkook does well this year too💜

6. 2023 has become an unforgettable year thanks to Jungkook. Thank you💜

7. I like this song so much that I still listen to it

8. I’m proud of you, Jungkook

9. Congratulations to Jungkook💜💜💜💜

10. This year I was really happy, Jungkook-ah

11. Congratulations, Jungkook!

12. I still listen to this song these days

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