JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s shocking situation right now

He’s f*cking handsome

1. What? 37 years old? Crazy……… He’s seriously handsome

2. He was drunk while driving, right? I didn’t know… But he manages his body well

3. Wow.. He’s not getting old..

4. I’m the only one getting old… (I’m not a fan, I’m just amazed by the pictures)

5. He also got drunk while driving, I’m just thinking about April Fool’s Day

6. (Personally) I think he did the best in body management among 2nd generation male idols

7. Lee Soo Man’s first love

8. He looks like a member of NCT

9. I didn’t know he was drunk while driving

10. Every time I see him, I’m so jealous of his skin

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