JYP and SM confirm that Lee Jun Ho and Yoona are not dating

JYP, SM “Lee Jun Ho and Yoona’s dating rumors are baseless”

On July 3, Yoona’s agency, SM Entertainment, told Newsen, “She’s so close to Jun Ho, so the rumors about their romantic relationship are not true.”

On July 3, Lee Jun Ho’s agency, JYP Entertainment, informed Newsen, “The two of them are close friends, but after confirmation, the dating rumors are baseless.”

1. I knew it would be like this. Please sue that reporter

2. I’m glad they’re not dating, I’m enjoying the drama

3. Who would believe silly dating rumors without proof? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I thought they got along well, but it turned out to be a false article

5. They look so comfortable that I don’t even feel like they’re dating

6. Meanwhile, JYP SM… I thought they left SM and JYP

7. Oh Yoona, I didn’t know she was still a member of SNSD

8. If they were dating, they wouldn’t be in a drama together

9. The two of them are so professional, I don’t think they’re dating

10. Please sue that reporter

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