JYP and THE BLACK LABEL respond to TWICE Chaeyoung and Zion.T’s dating rumors

Dating rumors at midnight… TWICE Chaeyoung♥Zion.T? The two sides are “currently checking” [official]

iMBC promptly contacted JYP and THE BLACK LABEL, both labels have responded, stating they are “currently checking and looking into the matter.”

1. Zion.T is much better than her ex-boyfriend

2. How many times has TWICE been rumored to be dating? Maybe because they get annual leave, they have free time

3. Wow, I thought Zion.T was married.. Why was I so confused…?

4. What’s happening with TWICE these days?

5. Zion.T is much better

6. Did she break up with that guy?

7. I thought Zion.T was married

8. I don’t even know Chaeyoung but I only see her on Theqoo because of things like her boyfriend

9. What?? Chaeyoung doesn’t have a boyfriend??

10. I feel sorry for the staff ㅠ

11. The staff are pitiful

12. Please upload it after 10am~!

13. The staff is having a hard time

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