JYP feels at ease knowing that they are ranked 2nd in the industry after HYBE

Park Jin Young, “JYP briefly took 1st place, but now that I’m in 2nd place, I feel at ease. I think 2nd place is just right”

1. By anyone’s standards, JYP is in 4th place….

2. There are many people who are angry about losing 2nd place

3. Should kick the school bully member out of the group instead. Stop talking about personality

4. Wow JYP’s market value is higher than SM?

5. If you are #2 in market value, then you are #2 in the industry, right?

6. Isn’t SM the second largest company in the industry?

7. Wow, I thought SM was in 2nd place…

8. JYP is 2nd place???

9. Is it because of net profit?

10. Of course JYP is 2nd place

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