JYP speaks up about TWICE Jihyo and Yoon Seongbin’s dating rumors

JYP spoke up: “TWICE Jihyo and Yoon Seongbin’s dating rumors are difficult to confirm because they both have private lives”

On March 25, Jihyo’s agency, JYP Entertainment, released an official statement regarding dating rumors with Yoon Seongbin: “It’s difficult to confirm this issue because it’s a private issue. We hope for your understanding.”

1. I guess she likes big and strong men

2. What is Kang Daniel’s fault when he is dragged into dating rumors and criticized and compared? It’s been a few years since they broke up

3. I like Jihyo, I hope that they have a good relationship

4. Ah, I don’t like Yoon Seongbin’s personality ㅜㅜ I’m a bit disappointed because I like Jihyo

5. Be happy

6. If that’s true then congratulations

7. He really looks like Kang Daniel

8. This is her second public relationship

9. Wow, these two look really good together

10. They look so good together. Both look healthy

11. Jihyo’s preferences are so clear

12. Do they look alike?

13. He’s much better than Kang Daniel!

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