JYP, the company to earn the most money among the 4 big entertainment companies in 2023

HYBE – BTS, TXT, NewJeans, Seventeen, LE SSERAFIM, etc.

JYP – Stray Kids, TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX, etc.

SM – RIIZE, Aespa, NCT, Red Velvet, EXO, SHINee, etc.

YG – BLACKPINK, Treasure, Baby Monster, etc.

In short, YG’s business is very profitable

Although HYBE is many times larger in scale, its operating profits are almost the same

Most of the profits that JYP makes come from album sales and large-scale performances, and this is thanks to TWICE and Stray Kids

1. Of course, since they don’t invest, operating profits must be good

2. If you earn a lot of money, please invest some money in music

3. Of course, I admit that the scale of Stray Kids and TWICE’s tours is crazy. Isn’t the biggest reason to make a profit to focus on the entertainment business?

4. Isn’t it because JYP didn’t invest? I wish JYP had spent money on the songs too… JYP always saves money no matter what they do

5. If you earn a lot of money, please invest in songs

6. From the fans’ perspective, it was the worst…..

7. The reason why HYBE is criticized by shareholders is because they make a lot of money but keep spending that money on strange things so there is nothing left

8. If there is no group that can replace TWICE and Stray Kids, profits will immediately decrease

9. I don’t know any other groups from JYP other than TWICE

10. Because JYP doesn’t spend money

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