K-netizens are asking Jennie to personally apologize after her agency’s statement was released

Jennie’s agency statement

1. At that age, she didn’t even know that smoking in front of others was wrong. I don’t think it was just once or twice

2. This is my first time seeing a company apologize for a celebrity’s attitude

3. Didn’t Jennie directly apologize to the staff?

4. Jennie still doesn’t seem to know, so why is only her agency apologizing?

5. Shouldn’t she personally apologize for something like this?

6. Jennie didn’t apologize?

7. I really hate people who smoke indoors

8. From now on, no matter what she does, Jennie’s image to me is still that of someone who smokes indoors

9. Jennie, I’m so disappointed

10. Does she feel embarrassed to be loved and praised by fans all over the world when she doesn’t even know basic manners?

11. In fact, this post had twice as many comments as the post about the controversy. What’s happening?

12. She should personally apologize and stop hiding behind the agency

13. What happened to the editor?

14. Why are celebrities not polite to staff?

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