K-netizens are criticizing EXO-CBX for announcing that they will file a payment claims lawsuit against SM

ChenBaekXi countered, “We will file a payment claims lawsuit against SM… We apologize for causing disappointment”

1. Please leave EXO;; Don’t even use the name EXO-CBX

2. Don’t make excuses and say you did it for the fans

3. It feels like it was written by a high school student

4. BaekHyun, you said you’re going on tour with the songs, so you plan to just use them without paying?

5. Things like music and names are intellectual property, so isn’t it natural to pay usage fees?

6. All my precious memories have been ruined

7. They thought the group’s fans would support them no matter what they did, but I guess the reaction was worse than expected

8. First of all, please leave EXO and then file a lawsuit or something

9. SM should kick them out of EXO

10. Is this statement written by an expert? I was surprised because it seemed like it was written by someone with no social life

11. Human greed is endless

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