K-netizens are curious about what LE SSERAFIM’s skills will be like when they make their comeback at the end of August

[Exclusive] LE SSERAFIM makes a comeback at the end of August… Releasing ‘mega hit’ songs consecutively

According to SPOTV News on the 28th, LE SSERAFIM is preparing for a comeback at the end of August

LE SSERAFIM’s return to the music industry comes about six months after their third mini album ‘Easy’ was released in February

LE SSERAFIM continues their unstoppable growth with ‘Fearless’, ‘Antifragile’, ‘Unforgiven’, ‘Perfect Night’ and ‘Easy’

1. This time, I hope they will have good activities without causing controversy about plagiarism or skills

2. If they don’t show that their skills have improved this time then they will be buried, so try your best

3. I’m looking forward to their singing skills

4. Stop plagiarizing and please practice singing

5. Let’s try our best this time without any plagiarism controversy

6. This time don’t plagiarize but practice singing and show off your skills

7. I’m looking forward to their live performance

8. I hope they get 1st place this time!

9. I think this album will be so important

10. I’m looking forward to the live encore performance. Be sure to win 1st place with HYBE’s secret!

11. Please improve your skills first

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