K-netizens are disappointed with IVE’s rap part in ‘SUMMER FESTA’ MV


1. Why do they keep adding rap parts? I don’t like the rap part

2. The chorus is so good, starting with Wonyoung’s part

3. The song is really good

4. Wonyoung’s chorus is so good

5. The song is so good, especially Wonyoung and Liz’s parts are so good

6. I also think the song is really good except for the rap part

7. Wow, Wonyoung sings the chorus so well

8. The song is so good and everyone is so pretty

9. The song is good but I can’t hear the lyrics during Rei’s part

10. I’m annoyed by the rap part… I don’t know why they put this rap part in the song but the chorus is really good

11. Wonyoung’s part was really good

12. An Yujin is crazy, so pretty

13. The chorus is good but the rap part is bad

14. An Yujin’s voice is so good, I like Leeseo’s voice, but I think her singing voice is much better than her rapping voice!!

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