K-netizens are divided over BLACKPINK Lisa’s new song ‘ROCKSTAR’

[MV] BLACKPINK LISA – ROCKSTAR (Official Music Video)

1. The song is not my taste but Lisa sings so well

2. She did as well as expected

3. His skills are good, the song is good but the lyrics are a barrier

4. I think the song is too simple but Lisa is so cool that she makes me crazy, she’s really cool

5. Lisa dances so well

6. Her skills are good but the song is not that good…

7. The song is good, I think she will do well. It seems like each BLACKPINK member is working in their own style, so it’s really cool from a Muggle perspective

8. She looks like a pop singer

9. It was 34 minutes ago and the views are 1.24 million… Lisa’s class is different

10. The music video and song are both good. I liked the second part of the music video, so I wish it was longer

11. Lisa is amazing. I hope the album comes out soon

12. Hmm, it doesn’t have any K-pop vibe at all

13. Compared to Lisa’s abilities, the quality of the song and MV is a bit disappointing

14. The MV is a bit disappointing but I hope it will be successful because it’s not just aimed at the Korean market

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