K-netizens are divided over NewJeans Minji ‘Elle’ photoshoot

NewJeans Minji ‘Elle’ photoshoot

1. Her smile is so cute and pretty

2. She is so pretty and has the prettiest face

3. Her facial expressions are the same

4. Her expressions were awkward

5. I hope that you don’t become greedy

6. She copied and pasted facial expressions…

7. I feel like she’s not good at taking photos

8. It’s like she can’t really take photos, her expressions are all the same

9. It seems like she always has this expression. Looks like she only has one expression..

10. She really has no talent

11. She’s so pretty, but the photoshoot is so boring.. because she only has one facial expression…

12. Minji is really classy and pretty

13. She doesn’t look talented but is so classy and pretty

14. It would be great if her facial expressions were more diverse. Her smile is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠ

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