K-netizens are going crazy over the July comeback lineup

July comeback lineup

July 1: Baby Monster (pre-release), Kiss of Life, NCT Wish, STAYC, Cheeze
July 2: ALL(H)OURS, Park Chorong
July 3: Lee Seungyoon, Lee Chaeyeon, VVUP

July 8: (G)I-DLE, Taeyeon
July 9: Weekly, Youngjae
July 10: F.T. Island
July 12: ENHYPEN

July 15: NCT 127
July 16: WAKER
July 17: Ha Sungwoon
July 19: Stray Kids, Jimin

July 24: Kara (Kara is scheduled to release and promote in Korea and Japan, but the Japanese release date is July 24. I wonder if it will be the same in Korea?)

Dreamcatcher, Lee Seunghoon (Dreamcatcher is expected to make a comeback on July 10)

1. Ha Sungwoon’s first comeback after being discharged from the army on the 17th

2. I’m looking forward to Lee Seungyoon and Taeyeon. I hope the song that Lee Seungyoon sang at the festival will be released

3. NCT 127, Stray Kids, and Jimin will make their comeback in the same week ㄷㄷ

4. I’m looking forward to Kara, Baby Monster, and (G)I-DLE

5. Hul (G)I-DLE and Taeyeon will make their comeback on the same day

6. I’m looking forward to Jimin and Taeyeon

7. I’m looking forward to Jimin and Lee Seungyoon

8. Our Jimin💜

9. TWICE’s 5th full album will be released in Japan on the 17th

10. Baby Monster fighting

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