K-netizens are surprised by Japanese fans lining up from 9:30 a.m. to buy NewJeans merchandise

Japanese fans lined up from 9:30 a.m. to buy NewJeans’ merchandise

There is a line of people lining up to buy Line Friends merchandise in Shibuya, Tokyo

1. Wow daebak… NewJeans is the best..

2. Why are Japanese people so good at waiting in line? If it were me, I would never be able to stand it because it’s stuffy and boring

3. Wow, this is crazy, as expected from NewJeans

4. Since today is the opening day of Line Friends in Shibuya, there must be a lot of people there

5. What do the kids who complain about NewJeans being unpopular in Japan say when they see things like this?

6. This is NewJeans’ Tokyo Dome today

7. Wow, NewJeans must be so popular

8. Wow, it’s interesting that they left the crosswalks and intersections empty

9. The way they line up is amazing

10. I’m glad NewJeans is doing well. I thought Japanese girls wouldn’t like the style of NewJeans, but it seems they are so popular in Japan

11. NewJeans merchandise is so nice that I bought them even though I’m not a fan

12. It seems like there are a lot of male fans. Don’t K-pop female idols usually have a lot of female fans in Japan?

13. I hope everyone has a good time too

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