K-netizens asked ChenBaekXi to leave EXO after they filed lawsuit against SM’s CEO for fraud

ChenBaekXi file lawsuit against SM’s CEO for fraud

According to an exclusive report from Newsis, EXO-CBX and INB100 filed a complaint on June 25 with the Seongdong Police Station against SM’s CAO Lee Sung Soo and co-CEO Tak Young Jun, for violating laws related to economic crimes

1. When will this problem end? I’m already tired

2. Please leave EXO, don’t use the name CBX and live the rest of your life as you please, I don’t want to see them again

3. How will you continue to work as EXO after suing Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun?

4. Please leave EXO

5. EXO is always noisy, only the fans are pitiful

6. At this point, should they leave EXO? Don’t they care about group activities?

7. I really feel sorry for the other members and fans..

8. They are worse than the Chinese members…

9. Let’s kick them out of EXO and ban them from using the name ChenBaekXi

10. I know very well that they don’t think about their fans at all

11. Leave EXO, return the name CBX and go away

12. Now I’m sick of these guys just by looking at their names

13. Please don’t let ChenBaekXi appear on TV again

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