K-netizens criticize after seeing ITZY Ryujin wearing ‘underwear’ on stage

ITZY Ryujin’s stage outfit is underwear…?

I couldn’t believe it, so I looked closely, and she’s wearing fishnet stockings over their underwear with the top tucked in..?

What’s going on with their stylist’s sense of fashion? It looks really strange..

Seriously, what is this..?

[+653, -48]

1. [+571, -13] I thought it was just an exaggeration, but I was shocked to see they were actually wearing underwear

2. [+401, -19] It’s not cool or sexy at all, just awkward

3. [+329, -43] Girl idols, please wake up. Why are you trying so hard to undress? That’s not cool

4. [+299, -72] I feel sorry for her because she really looks like a failed fool

5. [+88, -4] I thought it would be like BLACKPINK but it was so bad

6. [+32, -0] Yuna’s outfit is also very revealing, but aren’t they just wearing the outfit they want?

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