K-netizens criticize Jay Park for his actions after joining O*lyF*ns

Jay Park, who became the first K-pop singer to join ‘O*lyFans’

1. No, it’s not like he doesn’t have money, so why is he doing this…?

2. Even though he has American citizenship, he has lived in Korea for a long time, so should he understand the mentality of Korean people and act accordingly?

3. I feel bad because I think kids who don’t know about O*lyFans will find out about this

4. I didn’t understand Park Jin Young until now, but suddenly I understand why he left JYP…

5. Every time I see something like that, I think there’s a reason why he was kicked out of 2PM

6. I never imagined that I would hear about O*lyFans in the Korean entertainment industry

7. This is really a negative influence

8. Does he know what O*lyFans is?;; Why?;;;

9. Why did he do this when he had so much money?

10. Doesn’t he have a lot of money?

11. I’m so disappointed

12. Does he have no morals? I think he knows O*lyFans’ image better than anyone else

13. I can’t listen to Jay Park’s music anymore

14. I think I know why he was kicked out of JYP

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