K-netizens criticize RIIZE’s hairstyles at their ‘RIIZING’ release press conference

RIIZE’s ‘RIIZING’ release press conference photos

1. RIIZE really needs to change their stylist. Anton and Sungchan’s hairstyles are so bad. What is that?

2. Every face is handsome, the problem is the hair

3. What is happening to their hair?

4. RIIZE really needs to change their hairstyles

5. Why is Anton’s forehead square?

6. I was speechless when I saw Anton’s forehead…

7. Wonbin, looks like he was created from AI

8. Wonbin is handsome

9. Only Wonbin is handsome

10. Anton’s face couldn’t save his hair

11. No, besides Wonbin, why is their hair like that…?

12. What’s up with Anton’s hair?

13. What’s going on with hairstyles…Where is the hair shop?

14. Wonbin is amazing

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