K-netizens criticized after seeing ILLIT Wonhee on crutches due to her leg injury

ILLIT Wonhee is on crutches due to her leg injury

I hope she gets better soon

1. For some reason, the company did not let her rest when she was sick, did not let her use a wheelchair or teach her how to use crutches

2. If she uses crutches like that, will a cast be of any use? The injured leg is also subjected to the same load

3. She is on crutches. Someone please help her carry her luggage

4. Didn’t the hospital teach her how to use crutches?

5. Wonhee, please get well soon

6. If you are sick, get some rest

7. I hate HYBE too but it seems like the people who write malicious comments don’t know that they are worse than HYBE

8. What happened? ㅠㅠㅠ I hope she gets well soon ㅠㅠㅠ

9. Why wasn’t anyone around her helping her?

10. I don’t like ILLIT (I think it’s because of the company), but I feel sorry for the kids… I hope she gets better soon!!

11. Please help her carry her luggage. It looks so uncomfortable

12. They even mocked a sick person who was walking, I guess they had nothing to do

13. I feel like this company doesn’t protect their members in many ways…

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