K-netizens deny that this is K-pop after watching LE SSERAFIM stage videos at Coachella

LE SSERAFIM stage videos at Coachella

1. Looking at the broadcast, I think FEARLESS is the best song for the members. Kim Chaewon is still good, and the rest of the members need to improve a lot…

2. Please practice singing

3. The new song is so good

4. I am speechless

5. At this point, I wonder what courage HYBE has to send them there

6. Please rescue Kim Chaewon

7. But didn’t they also do a world tour? But why can they be so successful? Their live performance is a mess… Everyone is bad except Kim Chaewon…

8. It’s been a while since they performed live, right?

9. They can’t perform live but I also feel like they’re not good at performing on stage

10. If you can’t do it, just do it domestically and don’t make K-Pop look bad

11. Chaewon seems fine

12. There are many talented and hardworking K-pop idols.. Their performance is embarrassing

13. They are not singers

14. Let’s just say it’s not K-pop

15. To this extent, it’s a nuisance for K-pop

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