K-netizens discuss RIIZE Seunghan who has been on hiatus for about 8 months

Idol who has been on hiatus for about 8 months

RIIZE Seunghan

I think it’s time to announce whether he was kicked out of the group or rejoined

1. He hasn’t left the group yet??

2. Don’t come back. Please re-debut in another group or go solo

3. I thought he left the group..

4. What the hell, I’m so late, I didn’t even know there was someone like this

5. I support him making his solo debut. He’s young and talented so he’ll do well

6. Now, I think most people don’t know that RIIZE has 7 members

7. If he comes back, the domestic fandom will be destroyed

8. What the? Wasn’t he kicked out of the group? Who is still waiting for him?

9. The RIIZE fans around me don’t even consider him a member

10. Of course he should leave the group. Does anyone want him back?

11. Is he a popular member?

12. I wonder if there are any members who look like this;

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