K-netizens divided over BABYMONSTER’s comeback song ‘Forever’


1. The song is so good and the members are all so pretty

2. It seems like they only bring out songs that were made about 10 years ago

3. I’m curious about the stage

4. The song is so good and the members in the MV also look so pretty

5. I’m looking forward to the live stage

6. It has a similar feel to the songs in the previous mini album, like a combination of many songs

7. Compared to the members’ skills, the song, style, concept are all so disappointing…

8. It feels like a song from the early 2010s

9. YG hasn’t woken up yet. The concept and song are bad… I feel sorry for the members

10. The members’ voices and skills are good, but just looking at the songs it seems like YG is stuck in the 2010s alone…

11. If the lyrics are like this then isn’t it a pop song?

12. It looks like a music video from the 2010s

13. I think there will be a lot of people giving good songs to BABYMONSTER, but I guess that’s the company’s taste

14. Wow, it’s really outdated

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