K-netizens explain why many celebrities like Jungkook so much

Why do people like Jungkook so much?

Is it because of his skills..???
He is chosen by many people as their role model

Lee Je Hoon and Lee Joon Gi also covered Jungkook’s song at their fan meeting

There are many senior singers who say that Jungkook is so cool
Is it because of his skills? Is it because he’s good at performing?

[+652, -120]

1. [+407, -11] His skills are amazing, his looks and voice are perfect

2. [+393, -11] It’s surprising that Jungkook is especially chosen by male actors. How many male actors have covered ‘Standing Next to You’? There are many male actors who say that Jungkook sings well and they like him, there are many actresses who are fans of Jungkook. Almost all young male idols today say that Jungkook is their role model. Jungkook’s name appears on entertainment shows. There were over 200 idols doing challenges of Jungkook’s songs. Currently, Jungkook is the idol of celebrities

3. [+392, -13] He is so handsome and sings well

4. [+314, -10] Yesterday, while watching Earth Arcade’s Vroom Vroom, Lee Youngji guessed Jungkook’s song in 0.7 secondsㅋㅋㅋㅋ An Yujin danced to ‘Seven’ during break timeㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think he definitely had a big impact as a solo artist and did really well

5. [+297, -15] He is a BTS member + Good skills + Good looks + Good solo

6. [+152, -3] His performance in Times Square was so good that I gasped when I watched the video

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