K-netizens fiercely debate whether Lisa’s Rockstar is considered K-pop or not

Do you think Lisa’s Rockstar is also K-pop?

BLACKPINK is a K-pop group so when they released a solo song, I thought it was K-pop

Do you think this song is K-pop? What is K-pop? I’ve been thinking about it for a while

What do you all think?

1. She is just a foreign singer

2. Her nationality is foreign, the song was not released under the name BLACKPINK and the lyrics are in English, so why should we call it K-pop?

3. It’s not like K-pop. But I support Lisa because she seems to want it

4. Even though she debuted as a K-pop idol, Lisa is not Korean and this song doesn’t seem to be aimed at the Korean market at all, so it doesn’t have K-pop vibes

5. Even though Money is in English, it sounds like K-pop, but this promotion seems to have removed all the K-pop color

6. Pop music!

7. It’s an American record label. K-pop only comes from Korean record labels

8. Isn’t it T-POP?

9. I think she’s just a pop singer

10. BLACKPINK is just K-pop, but what are you talking about? Why do comments keep saying BLACKPINK left K-pop? They always mention K-pop in interviews and they are a K-pop group that debuted in Korea

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