K-netizens found something childish in Belift Lab’s video

Among Belift Lab’s videos, I found this so childish

The backgroundㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

NewJeans is black and white but ILLIT is pink and white

They are so childish

1. Is this really an official video?

2. Is this too intentional?? Can ADOR sue them?

3. Seriously, why did they do this? Leave NewJeans alone

4. I was shocked when they posted criticism about other groups on the official video. I think they are crazy

5. I really hate what they are doing

6. They are so childish and rude

7. HYBE is a mess

8. Why did they take a photo of NewJeans and darken it at will? It’s really dirty

9. To be honest, I listen to ILLIT’s songs because the members have done nothing wrong, but from now on I will boycott them

10. They look like idiots, I wish Belift Lab and HYBE would leave K-pop

11. Why didn’t anyone stop them from uploading this video?

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