K-netizens got mad after BTS Jin received a kiss at the hug event

BTS Jin received a kiss at the hug event

Looks like there’s someone else besides this person…

1. Ah… That’s why I don’t agree with holding events like this anymore…

2. Isn’t this s*xual harassment..??

3. They should arrest her and report her for s*xual harassment

4. There will never be the hug event again;;

5. It was an event that was held with good intentions, but fans should not have crossed the line like this. It is s*xual harassment

6. No, he started the hug party with good intentions, but why did fans do that?

7. What I was worried about happened…

8. So what happened?

9. Put her on the blacklist

10. I feel uncomfortable because of this person ㅠㅠ Everyone is so careful but this person is selfish and only thinks about herself

11. Is she Korean?

12. These people should be added to the blacklist and punished

13. I was worried that there would be people like that, but as expected

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