K-netizens harshly criticize NCT Renjun for exposing a sasaeng’s number

NCT Renjun exposing a sasaeng’s number

Renjun: “Stop calling me. I am revealing this person’s phone number”

“I am the owner of the phone number. A lot of people are wondering if I called him more than once, but I swear to you that I only called him once.”

1. He exposed a sasaeng’s number before. Does he expect the fans to fight for him?

2. Why did the manager apologize on his behalf?

3. I’m worried that people will bother the victim even more

4. They need to sue. This is ridiculous. Why is he hiding behind his manager

5. Did he carelessly leak someone else’s personal information without carefully checking to see if it was a sasaeng?!

6. I get that it’s a misunderstanding, but he should apologize if you made this situation like this. You can’t just say you did this because of something and hide

7. He should personally apologize and write a letter to stop the attack. What is he doing? Why is he hiding behind the manager?

8. If the idol checks his call list, he can see if they called him once or many times. Why is he like this? I hope the victim sues

9. Why isn’t he apologizing? What did the person do wrong?

10. Are celebrities government officials? Why did he reveal someone else’s phone number without permission? It’s a crime

11. I think the phone number owner is young….so unfortunate. What is all this? I hope he apologizes sincerely. Is this some tradition with SM? There was a similar case like this before

12. Why doesn’t he apologize if he did something wrong? Do celebrities hold government positions?

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