K-netizens harshly criticized Renjun after reading SM’s official statement

SM’s official statement about Renjun

1. If you want to claim your rights, you must also protect the rights of others

2. He himself didn’t apologize?? Hiding behind the agency is cowardly

3. The company and fans are doing their best to protect a stupid Chinese person

4. Why didn’t that Chinese person apologize?

5. He must apologize, be punished and pay damages… Will this end after the company apologizes for their mistake?

6. Since when did apologies become something written in newspapers and made by representatives?

7. Please sue Renjun and sue all SM fans for their malicious comments

8. Can’t that Chinese person apologize directly??

9. If he were a Korean member I think he would apologize directly but is it because he is Chinese? Why doesn’t he apologize?

10. He should have posted an apology and personally apologized to the victim, but he instead hid behind the company

11. What is Renjun doing??? I’m really disappointed

12. Is this going to end with an apology? He didn’t even apologize

13. He hid behind the company and didn’t even directly apologize

14. Chinese people don’t even know how to apologize?

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