K-netizens points out the scale of fandoms of male idols in Korea

7 male idols whose songs released in 2024 reached more than 10,000 hearts within 1 hour

Seventeen – MAESTRO (20205)
NCT Dream – Smoothie (14409)
Jungkook – Never let go (14302) (released at 1 p.m. Friday)
Plave – WAY 4 LUV (12305)
TXT – Deja Vu (11579)
RIIZE – Boom Boom Bass (11370)
Mark – 200 (11033)

For male idols, the public doesn’t listen to the song as soon as it is released, so the number of hearts shows the scale of the domestic fandom

1. Jungkook is cool even when he is serving in the military

2. RIIZE is doing well, Plave is bigger than I thought

3. RIIZE’s fandom is growing well

4. If you haven’t listened to TXT’s song yet, please listen to it. All the songs in the album are good

5. Wow, Seventeen is amazing, RIIZE is also growing well

6. I don’t know all those songs except Seventeen

7. I heard that Jungkook released the song at 1pm, he’s crazy

8. I don’t listen to any songs except Seventeen

9. It’s like Jungkook didn’t enlist.. I was so surprised

10. Jungkook is a soldier but he is amazing

11. Plave is more popular than I thought

12. Fighting, all male idols!! I like all the songs

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