K-netizens praise Rosé’s airport fashion

Rosé’s outfit at the airport was so simple but pretty

Is this style of clothing called French chic? It suits Rosé so well. She looks even prettier in the video with her flowing dress

I think she’s going to Paris to attend the Andam Fashion Awards. I hope she will post many photos. I really like Rosé’s fashion

1. Daebakㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at her proportions even though she’s wearing flip-flops

2. Hul it suits her so well

3. I thought I would look like my mother if I wore it, but I thought Rosé wore it so well and I thought she was pretty as soon as I saw her

4. Am I the only one who feels weird?

5. I really don’t know what this fashion is

6. What’s weird…? All I could think was that it looked comfortable, and she looked so pretty

7. Rosé is so pretty..

8. Rosé’s fashion style is my taste

9. F*cking pretty

10. Her proportions are crazy

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