K-netizens praise TWS for their singing skills with their live encore on Music Bank today

TWS ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ won 1st place on Music Bank today, live encore

1. As expected, they also did so well today

2. Wow, Shinyu is really handsome these days

3. The live performance was very good, so watching the encore was very comfortable

4. To be honest, I thought Dohoon and Shinyu were only responsible for the group’s visuals but they all sing well

5. Dohoon is doing so well..

6. This is my first time hearing them sing live, they are so good

7. Dohoon is really good and his skills are what stands out the most

8. The encore was really good

9. TWS’s encores are always so good

10. Dohoon has that face but it’s amazing that he sings so well

11. I really think these guys are the best at singing live

12. TWS’s encore was so good that I’ll definitely click on it

13. Every time I see Dohoon, he is so good

14. Their encore was really solid

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