K-netizens question whether HYBE’s virtual girl group ‘strongly references’ Aespa

HYBE’s upcoming virtual girl group has a member named Canary

“HYBE’s upcoming virtual girl group
One member’s name is Canary…”

“HYBE’s ‘virtual girl group’ revealed… ‘SYNDI8’ debuts

Produced by Supertone Co., an AI audio and sound technology company acquired by HYBE. Four members – Canary, Nest, Goyo, and Raven… single album ‘MVP'”

One of the members is named Canary, which when pronounced in Korean sounds like “Kanari”. The height and MBTI of virtual idol Canary (168 cm, ENFP) are the same as the height and MBTI of Aespa member Karina

1. I feel like HYBE is crazy obsessed with Aespa

2. At this point, I don’t think anyone at HYBE is capable of creating anything original unless they reference something already in existence

3. I really think this is one of their promotion methods. Honestly, it wasn’t just once or twice

4. I think Bang Si Hyuk is a member of Aespa’s fan club

5. Are they seriously trying to step on Aespa with those horrendous character designs?

6.I really hate this company

7. They don’t respect singers under their own label, so how can they respect singers under other agencies?

8. One of the members is named after Karina and the group’s name is also like The8

9. HYBE = plagiarism

10. Her outfit is similar to the one Karina wore for the ‘K-Link Festival’

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