K-netizens react to a US record label executive mocking BTS Jimin and ARMYs

A US record label executive behaved inappropriately regarding the release of BTS Jimin’s 2nd album.. ARMYs around the world are furious

One fan requested iTunes pre-order links for Jimin’s new single, ‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band,” and urged the company to release a European version to boost the single’s performance on the UK charts

Instead of addressing the fans’ concerns, Kurzeka replied with a Spotify link to “Us,” a song by Gracie Abrams featuring Taylor Swift, and even added the caption, “song of the year.”

1. What are the comments? Haven’t you read the article yet? Whatever BTS’s problem is, it’s clearly discrimination against Asians, and even if I’m not a fan, I criticize him

2. The record company didn’t do what they were supposed to do?? It seems like they intentionally mocked Jimin

3. Are people who tolerate racism against Koreans really Koreans?!

4. Why is it that every time BTS fans raise an issue, they beat up the BTS fans who raised the issue and not the target of the issue?

5. I get mad because the people criticizing Bangtan didn’t even read the article

6. GEFFEN Records is really making noise

7. He’s so rude

8. He should apologize to Jimin and the fans

9. Of course fans will be angry

10. They are always racist

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