K-netizens react to BLACKPINK Jennie smoking indoors and blowing smoke into the employee’s face

BLACKPINK Jennie is suspected of smoking indoors

1. Why does she smoke in front of others?

2. She has no manners

3. No, there’s someone right in front of her…. She’s so bad

4. Well, from now on when I see her face, I think I’ll think about smoking…

5. She blew smoke into the employee’s face… Her personality is so bad

6. She doesn’t even treat the staff like human beings… I’m really disappointed…

7. Damn, if you’re going to smoke, you should at least have some manners

8. I’m not surprised at all

9. No, she doesn’t even have basic manners or common sense…?

10. Wow, it’s not just smoking indoors, blowing smoke in someone’s face is really shocking

11. I really hate Jennie, I’m really disappointed

12. I hate the smell of cigarettes. Her manners are so bad

13. This also seems like an abuse of power

14. I was shocked when I saw her blowing smoke into the employee’s face…

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