K-netizens react to ILLIT fans grabbing NewJeans’ hair in their posts

The way ILLIT fans post about their achievements is too much

They should just talk about how proud they are, why are they grabbing NewJeans’ hair?

1. Is it official?

-> It’s a fan account

2. Isn’t it just a record?

-> They mention other people’s records to honor their own

-> NewJeans fans also say that they surpass Bangtan, surpass Seventeenㅋㅋ

3. Isn’t this a fan-run account? Looks like a foreigner

4. Looks like it’s not official

5. Is this the same thing as NewJeans fans grabbing BTS and Seventeen by the collar?

6. (((((((((((NewJeans))))))))))))

7. NewJeans fans even mentioned BLACKPINK

8. Is NewJeans your favorite type of toy?

9. NewJeans fans mentioned BLACKPINK, BTS, and Seventeen in their posts

10. Why don’t you talk about NewJeans fans grabbing BTS and Seventeen’s hair?

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