K-netizens react to ‘knife attack’ plot targeting NewJeans

“I’ll s*ab on each member when they get off the van”… Notice of knife attack targeting NewJeans posted, ‘urgent’

In the post, a netizen uploaded a photo of a knife and claimed he had bought it to use it on the idols

“I bought this to use it when NewJeans have their concert. I’ll s*ab on each member when they get off the van.”

1. Is he crazy?

2. Let’s arrest the terrorist and punish him

3. After the HYBE incident, there were too many mentally ill people who were obsessed with NewJeans

4. There are too many people with mental illness

5. It’s crazy and scary. He needs to be arrested and punished

6. Why does he live like that? I’m really curious. I hope he will be arrested and punished accordingly

7. People like that really need to be arrested and their identities revealed

8. NewJeans’ haters are really different

9. He thought he wouldn’t be arrested..?

10. They need to be arrested and their personal information released

11. ????????? Is he crazy?

12. Why are there so many idiots who think they can do anything?

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