K-netizens react to Korean media starting to report on Jennie smoking indoors and blowing smoke into the staff’s face

BLACKPINK Jennie, smoking indoors?… Blowing smoke into the staff’s face

Controversy broke out after Jennie of girl group BLACKPINK was caught smoking Vape indoors

On the 8th, a short video titled ‘Jennie smoking Vape indoors’ went viral on social media and various online communities

This video was part of a vlog posted on Jennie’s YouTube on the 2nd and has now been deleted

1. Smoking indoors is a problem, but smoking in front of others is an even bigger problem

2. Why was she smoking indoors? Is she crazy?

3. Looks like the editor will be fired… I feel sorry for him

4. This is so shocking because she seems to lack respect for others

5. Shocking…

6. Smoking indoors + smoking in front of someone is the worst

7. Her manners are the worst

8. She is so rude

9. She doesn’t treat the staff like human beings

10. Smoking in front of staff is the worst

11. I wonder what her personality really is

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