K-netizens react to NCT Renjun personally apologizing on Instagram

Renjun’s Instagram apology

1. He must meet the victim directly and apologize and compensate for the mental damage

2. I hope it won’t end with just an apology

3. I think Renjun needs to stay away from SNS

4. I don’t think the criticism towards the victim will go away unless the apology directly says it wasn’t sasaeng, so please tell everyone it wasn’t sasaeng

5. You will directly apologize to the victim, right..?

6. If I were the victim, I would sue him…

7. He should have written that it’s not sasaeng… If you look at the comments on Instagram, his fans are attacking the victim

8. I feel sorry for the victim

9. I feel sorry for the victim.. I hope the victim will sue all the malicious commenters

10. The comments on Instagram are disgusting

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