K-netizens react to NewJeans Minji attending the Chanel event today

NewJeans Minji attended the Chanel event today

1. Minji is pretty but the NewJeans coordi is always a bit disappointing

2. Why do her clothes look so old?

3. Her proportions are good

4. Minji is pretty but the reason she can’t smile is because of her mood, right?

5. Idols who think that all junior idols are copies of them

6. Minji is so pretty but her outfit is disappointing, especially her shoes

7. I’m saying this because I really don’t know, but why are people saying bad things about the members?? Are NewJeans also trying to become independent??

8. Minji is so pretty

9. The shoes are a bit disappointing but Minji is so pretty

10. Looking at her like this, she looks a bit like An Yujin

11. Minji looks so pretty with her hair tied

12. Minji is pretty but her shoes are too outdated

13. She has a classic beauty

14. I wonder what she’s thinking?

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