K-netizens react to NewJeans performing Hype Boy + Aoi Sangoshou + How Sweet + Plastic Love in Japan

Japan TV THE MUSIC DAY NewJeans Hype Boy + Aoi Sangoshou + How Sweet + Plastic Love

1. NewJeans did so well with their performance today ㅠㅠ Hyein’s performance was amazing. I want to call her unnie

2. Hyein’s aura is crazy

3. Wow, what’s up with Hyein? Isn’t she crazy???? She is so good and her voice is a treasure

4. NewJeans seem to be really popular in Japan

5. Hyein’s pronunciation is so good

6. Everything is so good, but today Hyein is crazy

7. Wow Hyein is amazing

8. I’m so proud of NewJeans

9. The performance was really good, but it’s a shame that they didn’t perform Supernatural

10. I’m proud that NewJeans is doing well in Japan

11. I love NewJeans so much

12. They are so popular. NewJeans is so good on stage

13. Hanni sings so well

14. NewJeans is awesome even in Japan

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