K-netizens react to RIIZE Anton wearing a crop top

RIIZE Anton who wore a crop top for the first time today

Anton wore a crop top in the ‘Boom Boom Bass’ music video released today

1. I thought he was so skinny, but look how big he is

2. Wow, a big guy with big eyes looks so stylish in a crop top

3. He has a hot body…

4. His forearms are crazy

5. His figure is really good, he looks good in a crop top

6. His face, actions and way of talking are so cute, he’s handsome and his body is also so good…

7. Personally, I don’t like men wearing crop tops but I think he looks good

8. I feel like he’s more manly when he wears a crop top. It suits him so well

9. Should I say he’s big? He is definitely hot because he has a big physique

10. Look at his body, I love it so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Wow look at his shoulders

12. I feel like wearing a crop top will highlight his masculinity…

13. Can I see this? Why is it so hot?

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